Forum Rules. Important Stuff Here, Guys

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Forum Rules. Important Stuff Here, Guys Empty Forum Rules. Important Stuff Here, Guys

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 04, 2010 2:12 pm

Alright, the rules for the host that we're using are pretty simple and common-sense, but I'll just list them here in case you didn't bother to read them.

First, nothing slanderous. Now, this was pretty ill-defined, but it basically means no personal attacks on fellow forumites.
Second, nothing pornographic.
Third, nothing illegal.
Fourth, don't steal stuff from other places and claim that it's yours.
Fifth, use proper grammar and spelling.

All pretty basic, right? I'm not gonna add a whole lot of stuff, just so you know. I don't really care about thread necromancy, and if you post an off-topic reply in a forum I won't mind too much so long as it gets back on topic within a few posts. I don't really intend to wield my banhammer. Like, at all. If you start trolling or using personal insults or posting illegal content, I'll just come in and tell you to cool your jets, and maybe lock the thread for a few days. I don't really anticipate having to do that, though, as I trust that you're all a pretty good bunch. The point is that this is more of a community rather than an autocracy, and I want to make it clear that, unless the shit really hits the fan, I don't intend to use my powers in any way.

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