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Post  Admin on Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:28 pm

Gentlemen, I must confess that I won't be participating much on this project in the foreseeable future. Due to steadily declining health, I can't do much of anything, actually, but when I recover I plan on returning to the Morrowind Tabletop game. I've decided to make St. Jiub Admin in absentia, although that's more a formality given that I was never forced to moderate or anything like that. Gentlemen, it has been an honor working with you, and I wish that I could have aided more in the project I began. Again, though, I want to emphasize that I'm not leaving permanently; I just needed to notify you that I won't be participating much in the future and explain why I've been gone. That said, I have some advice regarding the future of this project, as I want it to succeed and I think it worth pursuing.

1. Organization. I believe that more projects of this nature fall to poor organization than anything else. I strongly urge you fine gentlemen to put together a list of what needs to be done and what has been done. This way we can pinpoint precisely how far we are to completion.

2. Respectability. If we want this project to see a wider audience than /tg/, we'll need to rename the boards to allow for a slightly more gentile air. While I personally like the ambiance we have now, I feel that we will need to put our better foot forward if we want to recruit from non-/tg/ sources.

3. Playtest early, playtest often. This is, perhaps, the most crucial advice I can give. I'm going to create a new subforum dedicated to playtesting, and I encourage some enterprising soul to GM a game of Morrowind Tabletop using the rules where they stand right now. The benefits of this are manifold. First, if a game is going then people will visit the forums more often to play. Second, it makes it fun to come to these forums rather than the chore that it might otherwise be. Third, it personalizes the rules and gives a face to them. Fourth, we can spot breaks, fractures, and bugs early enough that we don't continue on a bad path, only to scrap something at the very end. I also encourage advertising on /tg/, should someone decide to run a game, as it might renew interest and create an influx of fresh blood.

I'd stay if I could, but given that I've been essentially bedridden, I just can't promise the time that this project deserves. I hope to get over my health issues soon, and when I do I plan on coming back, but until then I can barely manage with my regular life. Gentlemen, I have been honored to work with you, and I hope to work with you again in the future. If you need to contact me directly, don't hesitate to PM me using this forum, although I may not be able to answer you immediately.

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